How Technology and Communication Affect Learning Management

According to industry experts, technology and communication go hand in hand in formal learning management systems and processes. All types of educational institutes can benefit greatly from learning management systems as they help in improving student relationships and communication in the long run.


A learning management system is directly related to technology in the sense that solutions such as Moodle is used to create and conduct classes online. Such a system eliminates paperwork to easily produce registration forms, reports, questionnaires, and more using a computer with an internet connection. Nowadays, many organizations are using Moodle and such other popular learning management platforms to offer classes or courses to anyone residing in any region of the world. Technology, such as software and hardware tools (word processing tools, worksheet applications, management software, web applications, and mobile phones), has made learning practically an easy affair.

Similarly, the use of internet-based services such as email, web publishing tools, online authoring tools, and so on has enabled students to quickly communicate and share relevant ideas and thoughts with their friends and faculty. Databases and other software solutions help in capturing student data related to their registration status, fee status, and more almost in no time.


Effective communication across educational organizations is extremely necessary for improving relationship among students and teachers. Moreover, proper communication helps in understanding the problems, which need to be addressed immediately and for enhancing the brand value of the institutes.

There are many ways to communicate with the students – face-to-face, through letters, via phone calls, and so on. However, of late, many online communication tools have come up to ease the whole process of effectively conveying your messages and thoughts to learners. Some of the most popular online communication tools include emailing service, instant messaging (SMSs), service, private communities, and more. These internet-based and mobile-based tools can be used to easily connect, interact, chat, and share valuable class or course-related information with other individuals.

In addition to conversing with a single person, educators can also engage in communication in groups via forums and private/public communities. Such platforms allow different people to assemble in one place to discus and share learning materials and ask questions about any lesson or project.

Technology can help you easily track every student’s performance by allowing you to create reports online. You can even monitor the progress level of learners to find out the areas where special attention is required to be given. Thus, without technology and communication, learning management system can never achieve its goal of reaching out to every person interested to continue learning at their own convenience.

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